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Croatia is a relatively small country where folks mostly travel by bus or by train.

Croatia is a relatively small country where folks mostly travel by bus or by train. Major routes connect the capital city, Zagreb, with the Adriatic coast, where Split, in particular, is a very popular destination.

As in many countries, local trains offer second-class service only. First class is available on the main lines, and there is a sleeping car service between Zagreb and Zadar and Split. Unless you’re trying to conserve your Kuna (that’s your cash), first class is a must-do for its overall quiet, roominess, and comfy seats. New, high-speed tilting trains have been added to the Zagreb to Split line, cutting travel time by almost four hours ! If you’re traveling with a rail pass, don’t forget to book a seat. (Purchased your ticket from Rail Europe ? Then, your seat reservation is already included.)

Good to know : Dubrovnic is the only major Croatian city not connected to Croatia’s rail network. Your options ? Take a bus (they run frequently) from Split and be there in a little over four hours. (And, once there, the city is well connected to Zagreb by train.) Or, if you have more time, take the ferry from Split. It’s a full day’s journey, but an experience all by itself. Spending some time in Italy ? Then take the (much faster) ferry service from Bari to Dubrovnic, and add a bit of Croatia to your Italian adventure.

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  • Value for money
    Very scenic |
    "Very scenic ride through the Dolomites "

  • Value for money
    Venice - Vienna |
    "Long overnight train. Ideal for students/back-packers ; as it safes a nights accommodation. Nice scenary on the Austrian side "

  • Value for money
    Great experience ! |
    "The staff that was onsite was very nice and helpful. We enjoyed eh welcome dessert and sparkling wine. Breakfast was decent. We would definitely recommend this to friends. "

  • Value for money
    Easy and efficient |
    "The train came and departed exactly on schedule, we boarded the train, found our seats and that was it until we arrived at our destination. Everything about this trip was easy. "

  • Value for money
    Convenient and Hasslefree |
    "Trains are the most beautiful way of travelling in Europe. No questions about that. I enjoyed this trip to Berlin Ostbahnof. Nice seats, Hasslefree and convenient. Train arrived at Warsaw late but it was alright. The informations at Warsaw were helpful as well. I enjoyed my journey. Satisfied ! "

  • Value for money
    inconvenience of booking |
    "we could not book the ticket in cape town south africa and had to pay for a courier to fly it from johannesburg to cape town for a great cost. surely in todays time one should be able to book it on line to avoid courier costs.. "

  • Venice metre to Vienna. |
    "Our trip was from Venice me store to Vienna. Considering that this is a long distance train, most travellers had a fair amount of luggage as much as 1 big and 1 small suitcase. The train arrived on platform 4. Descending from platform 1 was by elevator. But you can imagine our plight when we had to carry these suitcases up 30-35 steps as there was no escalator or elevator. We did see a lot of passengers struggle. In fact I pulled a muscle by the end of it. "

  • Value for money
    my night trains trip |
    "Not as expect for comfort and convenience during journey. A little bit of confused looking for seats with a few second stop on arrival. My train hostage's also keep quiet of her smile with her boring duty. The good thing is about on time of destination for the next connection. "

  • Value for money
    Night Train to Zurich  |
    "It was a very good experience travelling by the night train from the Vienna to Zurich. The night train started at very late hours around 11.45 pm and we have to wait for it in the train station for a few hours as it was pretty cold at winter now. The train looked a bit old and the the 2 pax sleepers rooms we booked was small. We have 2 big luggages and that already take up most of the space beside the bed and hardly can find any other space. Luckily my husband and I were not fat, we are able to fit into the 2 small beds, 1 in the upper and the other in the lower decker. There is a small basin in the room and it looked old too. By the next morning when we reach Zurich, the scenery outside the train refreshed us a lot. A light breadfast was served to us from the train crew and his look was serious and never smile. I think if the train crew could be a little bit friendly and that could make us feel happier a little. Overall, the night train is not as comfortable as the trains we travelled in the day time. "

  • Value for money
    Comfortable |
    "The overnight train is clean and comfortable. Comes with welcoming pack and breakfast. 3 bunk beds per coach (not too crowded). Conductor wakes you up 30 minutes before arrival while serving breakfast. "

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