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Nestled under the Julian Alps, just south of Austria and east of Italy, the Slovenian countryside is magnificent.

Tiny and progressively proud Slovenia is undoubtedly one Eastern-European country that quickly got up to speed with its Western rail counterparts—as long as you stay on the main lines.

Nestled under the Julian Alps, just south of Austria and east of Italy, the Slovenian countryside is magnificent ; so don’t limit yourself to its thriving hubs or emerald blue coast. The inland’s scenery and cultural heritage is superb. And trains let you leisurely roam the country, while enjoying dazzling window views.

The major rail line links Ljubljana (the small-town friendly capital that’s a perfect base for all your travels) and Maribor, the second-largest Slovenian city. Modern, tilting trains operate on this route, with travel time well below two hours. Other state-of-the-art services can be found towards the Croatian cities of Zagreb and Pula. Domestic trains offer free seating, so simply hop on board with a ticket or a rail pass. There are buffet cars on long distances trains, but no domestic night trains. And, first class is definitely worth the extra.

Local or short distance services don’t operate under the same standards, but are still a good choice from Ljubljana to the healing climate of Lake Bled (or just 16 miles further, the gorgeously blue Lake Bohinj). Or, take the train to Jesenice and enjoy a modest mountain hike.

Ljubljana is also well connected to neighboring capitals with direct services to Zurich, Vienna, Venice, Zagreb, Prague, Budapest, and Munich. Some of these international services require a reservation that you can purchase locally. You may want to consider traveling with a pass, or just buy individual tickets here at Rail Europe. Chances are you’re probably not traveling thousands of miles in Slovenia, so basic tickets might be your best deal.

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  • lovely way to travel |
    "mush better than flying as you would miss the gorgeous views. 5 stars for convenience "

  • Value for money
    Good experience. |
    "No problems encountered, train was punctual, cabin comfortable. "

  • Value for money
    Very scenic |
    "Very scenic ride through the Dolomites "

  • Value for money
    Scenic |
    "Scenic ride "

  • Value for money
    Zurich to Como |
    "So relaxing and comfortable, and the scenery was amazing ! "

  • Value for money
    Italy  |
    "convenience and great coast along the way... "

  • Value for money
    Good trip but... |
    "Problem of seat reservation No family space Delay of 30 minutes "

  • Value for money
    Rome to Salzburg |
    "This leg of the journey went very smoothly apart from the ability to store our luggage. As we are older folk it was immediately obvious I was not going to be able to lift our suitcases up into the overhead luggage racks and as a result we found space for them behind our seat as we were sitting in a four seat pod. As the trip continued people stored their luggage at the front of the carriage for possibly the same reason as us. I would recommend some storage racks at the back of the carriage similar to other trains we travelled on. "

  • Value for money
    Comfortable -Easy |
    "Good train trip from Milano to Spiez. Comfortable cabin/seats/ride. "

  • Value for money
    Venice - Vienna |
    "Long overnight train. Ideal for students/back-packers ; as it safes a nights accommodation. Nice scenary on the Austrian side "

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